Adventure Expert Television Host

DAN MONSKEY is a television host and extreme-adventure expert. He has been hosting exciting action-packed adventure stories on the WCCO/CBS television program LIFE TO THE MAX for over 7-years.

WILD MONKEYS PRODUCTIONS is an award winning video company focused on developing and producing adventure television programs and videos. However, from their expertise in extreme environments and conditions they excel at producing the best outstanding videos of any subject under any conditions.

They have produced projects from throughout the United States and numerous places around the world such as Canada, China, Guatemala, New Zealand and Chile.

DAN MONSKEY is in his element running extreme whitewater close to home or around the world, climbing ice and rock to dizzying heights, blasting with the wind tethered to a kite across the water or snow, or many other extreme pursuits.
has been concentrating on  television production in an alliance with LIFETOUCH MEDIA PRODUCTIONS. They have produced nearly 70 adventure stories from around the world for a program called LIFE TO THE MAX airing on WCCO, the Minneapolis/St Paul CBS affiliate, and numerous cable television stations around the Midwest.

WILD MONKEYS PRODUCTIONS can work with you to develop your project from concept to completion or anything in between. Their expertise is in every aspect of production.

  1. • project concept and story development
    • script and story writing
    • location scouting
    • interviewing
    • video journalism, camera work and field production
    • rigging, grip work and set design

Dan possess extensive experience in international travel and extreme adventures. He has produced and hosted 70 WCCO/CBS broadcast-television adventure stories from around the world. He is a highly-skilled hands-on participant, hosting from the midst of the action.

When there’s thrilling action, a story to be told and the camera is rolling, Dan’s tale-telling passion and skills kick in! Wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, Dan is a captivating, knowledgeable and daring adventure-television personality who brings exciting, illuminating and unusual stories to television.


WILD MONKEYS PRODUCTIONS / DAN MONSKEY    612.590.2578    Minneapolis MN 55410


Full Video Production Service

He has also been hosting and producing an in-development extreme-adventure television program called ADVENTURE ADDIX.

With DAN MONSKEY as a host you’re guaranteed:

  1. • edge of your seat exciting stories
    • visually driven drama
    • gripping and dangerous adventure entertainment
    • awe-inspiring personalities and personal testimonies
    • incredible and beautiful natural environments
    • stories that hit the ground running
    • drama of humankind engaged with nature

Liz Collin, WCCO news anchor “I love his stories! They’re so action packed and full of information each story could be a whole program.”

Donnie Koshiol, Lifetouch Media Productions “Dan’s television pieces are the best of the program. He doesn’t just host a story and interview. He is in the story---in the action, actually participating with expertise!”

Full Post Production Expertise:

  1. • editing
    • special effects
    • sound enhancement
    • color correcting
    • project output

  2. • DVD authoring
    • web uploading

WILD MONKEYS PRODUCTIONS has a variety of clients

  1. • extensive broadcast television production
    • music groups
    • network news
    • advertising agencies
    • educational institutions

“Dan Monskey, of WILD MONKEYS PRODUCTIONS, is a visionary media master! He takes command of a project directing those involved and creates an energetic inspiring masterpiece that captivates an audience and hits the needs of the client dead on. His work is unbelievable, whatever it is! I have watched him in action and worked with him on 5 of our musical/promotional videos and seen much of his other media work as well and it always entertains, captivates and amazes me.”

Tim Owen, Manager of the music group Salsabrosa